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Miami Valley Beekeepers Association

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MVBA 2017 Calendar
MVBA 2017 Calendar

Get some great hands-on training, stop by the MVBA Hives  1 1/4 hours before each regularly scheduled association meetings, weather permitting.  Protective gear required.
February 6Welcome Back and Updates
March 6Bee Removal from Structures Michael Buchanan
 April 3Assessing and Treating Varroa Mites Hannah Whitehead
 May 1The OSBA Hive Assessment Tool Bucket Alex Zomchek
June 5Raising Queens Peggy Garnes 
July 10 Roundtable Discussion 
August 6Public Honey Harvest  
 September 11Developing Pollinator Friendly Landscapes Michele Colopy 
 October 2TBA  
November 6MVBA Carry-In Potluck and Elections