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Miami Valley Beekeepers Association

Join us for a beekeeping adventure
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We are Beekeepers of the Greater Miami Valley, OH--

Based at

Brukner Nature Center

5995 Horseshoebend Road

Troy, OH

Our aim is to promote beekeeping by teaching and mentoring all those interested in the world of honeybees. We invite everyone interested in learning more about bees and beekeeping to attend our next meeting or event and join our organization!


Have bees hanging in a tree? Looking for a beekeeper to re-home them? 


Click here for a list of beekeepers who will take swarms


BNC has graciously offered to let MVBA use a portion of the building that they will be erecting on the barn site after it is demolished. We must provide our own furnishings etc. In exchange all they are asking is that we donate some time for painting and planting.

Thank you Brukner Nature Center for your generosity and support of the Miami Valley Beekeeper’s Association!

Need Winter Patties?  They will be available for purchase at the upcoming February 6th meeting! 


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February 6, 2017
7-8:30 p.m.
Brukner Nature Center
Learn about MVBA and all the great educational programming coming up in 2017

Membership - only $20 per year





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